Dr. J.P. Vijn

This study is complementary to an earlier publication, Carlyle and Jean Paul. The aim of this study is to solve the enigma of Carlyle’s philosophy by means of an analogy with analytical psychology. This analogy is a real discovery resulting in a compelling, new interpretation of Carlyle’s life and work, which will appeal not only to those interested in Carlyle, but also to the student of psychology, religion and the history of ideas. From this study, Carlyle emerges as an exceptionally creative figure in the modern crisis of meaning, offering man a new spiritual world, as Jung did in his psychology. This work is thus a real breakthrough in Carlyle research and will serve as a corrective of practically any previous, interpretative study of and as basis for any future work on Carlyle.

About the Author
Vijn, Jacobus Petrus 1932-2012.
Born in Bergen, The Netherlands, J.P. Vijn studied philosophy, theology and literature in England and The Netherlands. From the University of Amsterdam, he holds a B.A. in French, an M.A. in English and an M.A. in General and Comparative Literature.
He received his Ph.D. from the University of Utrecht and is the author of Carlyle and Jean Paul, Utrecht Publications in General and Comparative Literature, (Benjamins: Amsterdam and Philadelphia, 1982.)
Married Hendrika Brinkman.
Dr. J.P. Vijn had a special interest in studying the works of Thomas Carlyle. His latest publication was Carlyle, Jung, and Modern Man.

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